inhabit installation
invited by GALLERY F.A.I.T. KRAKOW
subvision festival,
Hafencity Hamburg



Subvision festival is taking place on the most expensive and exclusive grounds in Hamburg. The place is now a construction area full of containers, metal fences and dirt. The idea is to use it for contemporary art under the sign of „off“, emering artists, initiatives and galleries. The reason for that is quite obvious. Such festival and the presence of art will make the site even more prestigous than it is now and to cretae a positive image for the developer. We resolve to invest the budget for the project in our own private luxuries and to build a villa on one of the most expensive plots of land in Hamburg for the gallerists and their guests to stay. With a view of the harbour, the structure creates the qualities of a short break away (living room with galleried staircase to the pool with champagne bar and sun terrace, bedroom, kitchen and garage). The joists of the construction are borrowed and returned undamaged at the end of the exhibition.



Team: Josephine Pflüger, Sebastian Scherbaum
Hamburg 2009