unidentified object

permanent building transformation

We are in love with an object. So this is about love – maybe also about desire. And the work with these desires. Which are – of course – not economic, or reasonable, or strategic. But it is also not about art. Because we are architects and we are dealing with functions and we have to deal with construction, space, permissions, rules etc.

So what are we talking about?

We are talking about a container for trash. A heavy-weight object with an assumed potential and, in our eyes, very aesthetic proportions. You can move it with a truck and place it everywhere very easyily and quickly. We first came into contact with them at the junk yard. Because we are living and working next to the junk yard and we always have it in front of our eyes: we see all these huge amounts of wood, paper, steel, machines, cars etc. And we always think „what can we do with this, what can we build with that?“. And one day we saw them. It was a little family of them: standing and lying around, because they had went out of function and they were to be demolished – now, they were only worth the amount of steel they are made of. But we wanted to save them – we wanted to have them. And from this moment on we did everything to get them. But we had no money and there was no cause or order to use them. So we wrote concepts, made proposals, drawings, renderings – all for this object. We tried to convince everyone around us to use them, to work with them before they were gone and sent to china. At the end we asked our neighbour, the junk dealer, to borrow us five of them. From then on we attached and adopted them in many projects, had inserts and interventions for them and, by now, more or less, own them. We are trying hard to give them a second life. It‘s a kind of time-capsule in our work without any necessity …

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Team: Alper Kazokoglu, Alexander Koch, Jose Antonio Candela, Thomas Gantner, Josephine Pflüger, Sabrina Ertle, David Baur, Markus Niessner, Kai Beck, Sebastian Scherbaum


Cooperation Partners: Bernd Neumann, Günter Buckenmaier, Stephan Karle, Thorsten Gutbrod, Ernst Ludwig, Horst Kaag, Staatstheater Stuttgart, Karle Recycling, Kunstakademie Stuttgart, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Karin-Abt-Straubinger-Stiftung

Stuttgart 2007 – 2013