Polen Pink

Transformation of an OLD FARM-HOUSE in Poland


The decisive factor for developing a central idea for the rebuilding of a detached house near Krakow was the residentsā€™ form of use. So far a stay at this place was marked by spending it in the exterior. The residents were using elements available in the exterior, which were lying around by chance, had been brought there or belonged to activities taking place there, be it gardening, woodwork, festivities or meals. Another reason for staying in the exterior was the exposed location of the lot and the possible view associated with this. And so those two areas fused: the elements of the exterior shaped the inte- rior, while the characteristic elements from the interior were moved to the outside.


The project emerged in stages – therefore the project has to be viewed holistically in its creative process and cannot be seen as merely a finished final product/work. The process itself is just as important as the execution.


privateĀ comission
Mozgawa 2009