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Große Weltausstellung 2012


In an attempt to push Berlin far ahead in the competition between cities, it could only be a matter of time before politics would start pulling old plans out of the drawer, breathing new life into an event format with a dubious history. “Why not simply put on a world’s fair?” Such is the concept behind “The Great World’s Fair 2012”, a project by the architectural collective raumlaborberlin in cooperation with Theater Hebbel Am Ufer, which seeks to create a counter proposal to the format of the “Expo” on the Tempelhof grounds. The architecture of the 15 pavilions can be understood as a contribution to a discussion about sensibly managing resources.


For three weeks, a hybrid cultural space emerged as festival center build from found materials. It is meant to serve as a place of meeting and exchange for the visitors to the outdoor-exhibition, but also as a venue for events. A comprehensive program of lectures, discussions, film screenings, and concerts were presented here.

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Team: Alexander Koch
in cooperation with raumlaborberlin & Theater Hebbel am Ufer
Berlin 2012